Sunday, July 29, 2012

Interview: Actor, Musician and Entrepreneur of Silk by Fawad Khan

What misconceptions do people have about you?
That I’m not a very warm person. I guess it’s because I’m a bit quiet and shy. I like to keep to myself.

What is the worst rumor you have heard about yourself?
You know how rumors are. They come and go. Can’t keep chasing them.

Any lessons learned the hard way?
There aren’t any shortcuts in life. Although I can’t say I ever really tried one but even if I was tempted to I refrained.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you?
I don’t think print media is free enough to print that!

Tell us something no one knows about you?
I’ve taken a bit of a vacation from my regular activities and ventured into something new with someone who commands expertise in the area. My wife and I are working on a prĂȘt line for women by the name of Silk that we’re launching early August in Lahore this year.

What drives you: money, fame or success?
Well, to be honest, all of the above are by products, that one can surely enjoy but never are really the primary goals when you engage in something from my line of work.

What is the most important relationship advice you can give?
Follow your heart.

When was the last time you kicked ass?
Oh I do it everyday, on my PS3. 

What do you consider your best physical asset?
I don’t really consider anything. That’s up to those who care to admire them.

How do you unwind?
As I get busier and busier, I can’t stop cherishing the little time I get with my wife and son. And then there’s the PS3 (it’s my second wife these days).

Have you ever done anything you shouldn’t have?
Oh, plenty. I think you might need to interview my parents for that. On second thought forget it. I never really told them either.

Have you ever envied another person?
God has been kind enough to me that I can’t recall if I ever really have.

Define your sense of style.

For men, it’s a nice shoe.

For women, I like to see them in simple clean-cut styles, preferably in a classier fabrics like chiffon or silk and I’m not saying that only because I’m about to introduce something in the latter.

What is the price of success?
Privacy. To enjoy a simple night out with friends and family.

SILK by Fawad Khan

Fawad Afzal Khan introduces a luxurious new pret a porter brand exclusively designed to capture his vision for the modern woman. Limited Stock Exhibition 4th and 5th August in PFDC, Mall One in Lahore.

SILK by Fawad Khan